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Server Maintenance Services

If one or more of your servers crash, it could send your company into a frantic pursuit to restore your operating systems and IT framework. In the meantime, you can lose valuable time and even money as your employees abandon their daily work to fix your server. Third-Party Server Maintenance from Infra Hutama Solusindo can ensure the health of your systems, applications and IT infrastructure while saving you from costly downtime. Count on us for all your server maintenance needs.

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Why Choose Infra Hutama Solusindo?


Our customers depend on us to reduce and prevent server downtime and we simply deliver! Infra Hutama Solusindo always reviews and audits all policies implemented within the company. This review and audit is also an effort to keep all activities sustainable and running for a long time. We apply the PDCA Cycle as a method for quality control of our existing policies.

We will make sure your server is still under warranty
We make sure your server is always up and running
Asset Protection
We protect your company's biggest Asset
Fix Issues
We are here to help solve your server's errors and Problems

Environment Responsibilities

Infra Hutama Solusindo plays an active role in its daily activities in managing environmental impacts and also conducting energy conversion. Although it is still being carried out on a small and local scale, it can have an impact at least for ourselves and the surrounding environment. Our policies recognize that climate change is a serious threat and express our belief that we all have to do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ( GHG) which is dangerous. Infra Hutama Solusindo is also committed to being socially responsible. We strive to do things differently so that we can consistently get better - for our customers, our employees, the communities where we do business, and the environment.

Infra Hutama Solusindo is very concerned with waste management, be it industrial waste or personal needs. We are very serious about doing the 3R process: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. We do everything according to the activity stages in the rules that have been made. The provision of sanctions, warnings, and awards is a part of efforts to discipline the use of the 3R in every business activity every day

Leading Technology Brands Supported

Hewlett Packard
Aruba Network

Data Center Hardware Sales

When working on your IT infrastructure projects, you should have a trusted resource to turn to for your data center hardware system solution needs and hardware upgrades.